26 JUN

WESC 2019

Several of the RECAST project latest results have been presented at the Wind Energy Science Conference, 17-20 June 2019, in Cork, Ireland, as part of a Mini Symposium...

10 APR

Campaign Planning Tool

The digital campaign planning tool full description and demonstration on 3 sites is available in a discussion paper in Wind Energy Science journal.

31 JAN

Project status January 2019

The RECAST project has been going no for one year. During the first year, the main challenges and tasks have been identified.

03 OCT

Workshop: AEPs from Scanning Lidars - Outcome

The “RECAST workshop – Scanning lidars for AEPs” took place at DTU Risø campus on the 2nd of October. The purpose of the workshop was to identify and discuss the main barriers...

EMS 2018
07 SEP

EMS 2018

First RECAST results about turbulence measurement with WindScanner were presented at the EMS conference 2018

From left to right: Klaus R. Jakobsen (IFD), Michael S. Lauridsen (DTU), Yavor V. Hristov (Vestas), Morten Thøgersen (EMD), Lee Cameron (RES), Jake Badger (DTU), Andrea N. Hahmann (DTU), Nikola Vasiljevic (DTU), Arezoo Zamanbin (DTU), Lasse Svenningsen (EMD), Andreas Bechmann (DTU), Lars C. Christensen (Vestas), Elin Svensson (DTU), Michael Courtney (DTU). Photo by Witold Robert Skrzypinski (DTU)
16 MAR

RECAST has begun

with a promise to change wind assessments