Project status January 2019

Thursday 31 Jan 19
The RECAST project has been going no for one year. During the first year, the main challenges and tasks have been identified.

  • One of the main challenge is the Long Term Correction of measurements from a period shorter than 12 month. We are investigating how well the seasonal wind variability, that is not captured from a short measurement campaign, can be compensated for using mesoscale modeling data.
  • The uncertainty of horizontal extrapolation of the Observed Wind Climate from the measurement positions to each turbine position is estimated based on the method from Clerc 2012 and being implemented in PyWAsP.
  • The main achievement to date in the project is the design and implementation of a Campaign Planning Tool (Python script) proposing most relevant measurement positions and the positioning of two scanning lidar on-site to ensure measurements at those positions while accounting for possible restrictions on the lidar beams (terrain elevation,obstacles, angle between beams.
There is mush more going on in the project (e.g. TI measurements using WindScanners, LTC for TI and shear, planning for full scale demonstration campaign in 2020). You can get an overview of the main achievements to date and expected next steps in the RECAST project in the latest status report.