From left to right: Klaus R. Jakobsen (IFD), Michael S. Lauridsen (DTU), Yavor V. Hristov (Vestas), Morten Thøgersen (EMD), Lee Cameron (RES), Jake Badger (DTU), Andrea N. Hahmann (DTU), Nikola Vasiljevic (DTU), Arezoo Zamanbin (DTU), Lasse Svenningsen (EMD), Andreas Bechmann (DTU), Lars C. Christensen (Vestas), Elin Svensson (DTU), Michael Courtney (DTU). Photo by Witold Robert Skrzypinski (DTU)

RECAST has begun

Friday 16 Mar 18

with a promise to change wind assessments

Vestas, EMD International and Renewable Systems Limited are collaborating with DTU Wind Energy – on a three-year research project named RECAST. Funded by Innovation Fund Denmark, the project aims to make wind resource assessments for new wind farms more precise, to shorten measurement durations and bring the WindScanner system to market as a commercially-viable product.


At the beginning of March, the partners met for a two-day kickoff at DTU Risø Campus. On a firm handshake, the partners confirmed their promise and RECAST begun.


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